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Blessed Wrestling

Jessie Cowell has written a timely book for people who want to understand how to hear and discern God’s call. She ushers us into the community of the called, those in the bible who did remarkable things for God, as well as those she has known and observed in our time. Imbedded questions will enable you to consider God’s call in your life and chart a course of joyful service.

Tom Berlin

Lead Pastor, Floris United Methodist Church, Herndon, VA

From the stories of Biblical characters which link to our stories today, we are invited to take on the challenge of wrestling with God, to endure the struggle and angst, and to prevail until God blesses us, albeit with a limp, to claim a transformed life.

Bishop Charlene Kamerer

United Methodist Bishop, Retired

Discerning a call into vocational ministry is by nature a beautiful yet isolating experience. Birthed out of her own season of wrestling, Jessie Colwell invites the reader to join her on a journey of discernment. Engaging the voices of fellow biblical discerners Colwell welcomes the inner wrestling that is part of any spiritual journey. Blessed Wrestling is a much-needed resource and will be a valued asset for anyone in a season of discernment.

Rachel Billups

Senior Pastor, Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church, Tipp City, OH

The one thing you won’t wrestle with in life is the importance of Jessie Colwell’s work. Through stories, reflections, and a deep dive into scripture, Blessed Wrestling beautifully reminds us of the forward momentum wrestling affords. With an emphasis on hope, Colwell reveals that God never gives up on us, our calling, and our blessedness of being called children of God.

Matt Rawle

Lead Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church, Bossier City, LA

God’s calling is upon each of our lives- clergy and laity alike. The question shifts from ‘if’ to ‘how.’ How is God calling each of us to engage in kingdom building here on earth? Through the turning of each page, you will wrestle with God at key crossroads where calling weaves through dynamics of our daily lives. Jessie beautifully provides a framework to ask the deep, reflective questions that only we can ask ourselves as we seek to follow God’s plan for each of our lives.

Allison Lindsey

Previous Director of Connectional Ministries, South Georgia Annual Conference UMC

Colwell invites the reader on a spiritual journey of wrestling and discerning one’s call on their life. Her reflections are personal, sharing from her own life, faith, struggle and ministry experiences. This book is an insightful and practical resource that guides the reader through spiritual exercises that lead to personal transformation and blessings.

Bishop Sharma D. Lewis

Resident Bishop, Virginia Conference UMC

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