By Rev. Jessie Squires Colwell

Blessed Wrestling

Biblical Reflections on Discerning God’s Call

Blessed Wrestling is designed as an eight-week study. During this time, I invite you to learn from Jacob, Isaiah, Mary, Paul, Deborah, Esther, Ruth, and the disciples as they wrestled with God. Because of their encounters with God, they were changed and blessed to be a blessing—for us. Each week I invite you to spend time in prayer—listening, pondering, and even striving—as you discern what God is doing and wants to do in your life. Through this book you will study call narratives from the Bible, participate either as an individual or in a group through reflective questions, listen to music, and have the opportunity for going even deeper into God’s heart. Whether you are considering a call to ministry or mission or simply trying to figure out the next steps in life, my hope is that this book will be a tool of discernment and encouragement for you in whatever spiritual wresting match you may find yourself.


Jessie Colwell

Pastor Jessie Colwell is starting her thirteenth year in ministry and is an Ordained Elder in the Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church. She has served small, mid-sized, and large churches and currently serves as the Director of Clergy Excellence for the Virginia Conference UMC. Connetionalism is something Pastor Jessie embodies as she has served on local, national, and global boards for The United Methodist Church. Discipleship, call, mentoring, music, and the Word of God are what Pastor Jessie is the most passionate about. Her first book: “Blessed Wrestling: Biblical Reflections Upon Discerning God’s Call,” will be coming out this November and will be a helpful tool to all who are all discerning next steps. Pastor Jessie has been married to her husband Nelson for eight years and Dean is their five-year-old son

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“The one thing you won’t wrestle with in life is the importance of Jessie Colwell’s work. Through stories, reflections, and a deep dive into scripture, Blessed Wrestling beautifully reminds us of the forward momentum wrestling affords. With an emphasis on hope, Colwell reveals that God never gives up on us, our calling, and our blessedness of being called children of God.

– —Matt Rawle, Lead Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church, Bossier City, LA

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